Our vision is the noble Ideal of service with a spirit of renunciation, sacrificing one’s self interest for a greater cause. The motto as given by Swami Vivekananda is Service to Man is Service to God, which forms the Basic Principle of caring for patients with a spirit of devotion and commitment, regardless of caste, creed or religions. Therefore, we endeavours to train the students to acquire knowledge, develop skills and imbibe positive attitude, as also enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities as competent paramedical technicians imbued with the above ideal.


Our Mission is to provide opportunities for the students to acquire and develop the following:-

  • A sound theoretical and practical knowledge and of the basic principles underlying the techniques and methods used in Paramedical Sciences.
  • AThe knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for planning as well as carrying out paramedical functions of all categories of sick or disabled persons.
  • AThe ability to plan and act independently with full responsibility as a paramedical technician and as a spiritual human being.
  • AThe knowledge and skills required for current paramedical techniques and to deliver expert care to patients.
  • AAn ability to establish priorities and meet the patients’ or the community needs with available resources.
  • ARecognition, appreciation, and empathy with the physical, mental, social, economical, and emotional traits and needs of a patient and his family and cooperation with them in moulding them on right lines.
  • AThe capacity of keeping calm, serene, and smiling and never to lose temper, even on provocation.
  • AMaintaining the habit of strict punctuality in all activities and obligations.
  • AImbibing a sense of total devotion to the duties as a Paramedical Technician, making it a way of life.