M.B.A. in Hospital & Health Care Management

MBA in Healthcare Management degree program is designed to provide budding healthcare professionals with specialized business training in healthcare management, health services.

Course Mode : Semester
Duration: 4 semesters
Eligibility: Graduation


SNo Subject Code Subject
1 MBAHM-11 Accounting for Business Decision
2 MBAHM-12 Basic of Marketing
3 MBAHM-13 Business Research Methods
4 MBAHM-14 Economics Analysis for Business Decisions
5 MBAHM-15 Legal Aspects of Business
6 MBAHM-16 Organizational Behavior
7 MBAHM-21 Decision Science
8 MBAHM-22 Financial Management
9 MBAHM-23 Human Resource Management
10 MBAHM-24 Marketing Management
11 MBAHM-25 Management Information System
12 MBAHM-26 Operation and Supply Chain Management
13 MBAHM-31 Strategic Management
14 MBAHM-32 Enterprise Performance Management
15 MBAHM-33 Startup and New Venture Management
16 MBAHM-34 (Specialization Paper 1)Hospital Administration
17 MBAHM-35 (Specialization Paper 2)Health Environment
18 MBAHM-36 (Specialization Paper 3)Health Programme Management
19 MBAHM-41 Managing for Sustainability
20 MBAHM-42 Entrepreneurship Development
21 MBAHM-43 Event Management
22 MBAHM-44 (Specialization Paper 1)Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations
23 MBAHM-45 (Specialization Paper2)Patient Care Planning & Management
24 MBAHM-46 (Specialization Paper 3)Managing Quality In Healthcare